Gourmet Menu

Our dishes are prepared using only the finest quality ingredients, relishes and sauces, all interpreted with influences from the latest international gourmet trends.

Artisanal Beers

Our shrine to artisanal beers, with enormous ice buckets filled with the beers of some of the best Italian brewers.

iPad Menu

Each table has an iPad where you can order your food and drinks, ask for your bill and surf the web with unlimited Internet access.

We are the forerunners of a new trend: our gastronomical interpretation of an internationally renowned dish, where the traditional simplicity and speed of a hamburger becomes excellence in Italian cuisine. And we select only the very best ingredients: pure Piedmont Fassona beef, artisanal bread, baked in our ovens every day, and an exclusive selection of fresh seasonal produce, vegetables, salami, cheese, sauces and exquisite relishes. All with an international twist, because our recipes, from the hamburgers to our main courses, potatoes to salads and even the desserts, have been enriched with the culinary influences of every continent. This is why we call it gourmet. That’s holy.

We’ve launched a new smartphone app so you can not only pre-order before coming to ham, but you can also order at the table from your phone, by directly connecting to our iPad menu.

Do you like our new menu app?

It’s been completely revolutionised! Now eating at ham is more fun than ever before with the new iPad menu, where you can order your meal, surf the web as much as you like and spend time in the Free Zone, with games and interactive content for both adults and children.

We’ve been working on it day and night to make it just how you want it, so now we’d like you to tell us what you think!

Access your myham zone

Download the smartphone app to create your free myham account, which offers you a fixed 5% discount, exclusive gifts and special offers for all myham subscribers. And now you can also take advantage of the pre-order function, which saves you time because you can order you eat-in or takeaway meal before you arrive!