HHB - Ham Salad - 1200x800px

Ham Salad

rocket, iceberg, lollo lettuce and cherry tomatoes.
HHB - Ricca - 1200x800px


iceberg & rocket - with marinated grilled chicken, corn, carrots, bread croutons, sesame seeds and guacamole sauce.
HHB - Affumicata - 1200x800px


mixed greens - with smoked salmon, rye bread crumbs, poppy seeds, yoghurt and mint sauce.
HHB - Veggy - 1200x800px


iceberg & rocket - with courgette, carrots, tomato, olives and guacamole sauce.
HHB - Golosa - 1200x800px


mixed greens - with burrata, cherry tomatoes, grilled aubergine and courgette, black olives, EVO oil and oregano.