Here you can discover everything about the ham world and find out how we’ve made it so holy. Our philosophy, or more precisely, our ‘religion’ is based on 5 fundamental principles: the quality of our food, the devotion to our service, the history of our locations, the freedom of our technology and satisfying your every pleasure. A sacred pleasure, like the taste of our gourmet burgers! That’s holy.

“The finest breed of cattle in our country”

It’s Piedmont Fassona beef to be precise. One of the finest breeds of cattle in our country. And it’s much more tender and flavoursome than any other meat. Only such a pure breed, born and bred in Slow Food Presidia farms, in a completely healthy and natural way, without any interference whatsoever, can guarantee the exquisite flavour of our gourmet hamburgers. All in total respect of food hygiene standards and quality, so much so that every burger we make can be traced back to its origin, because we monitor and know about every day of the production process.

Fresh buns

The bread we use for our hamburgers are called ‘buns’. It’s not a traditional type of bread though, it’s prepared in a similar way to croissants and has a golden crust with a soft, firm inner, ideal for holding all those delicious ingredients and relishes. Classic, wholemeal, cereal, herb or sesame seed, the choice is yours… And they’re all made in-house and oven-baked by our chefs every day using only the very best Italian flours.

The Cava delle Birre (or Beer Cave) is our collection of artisanal beers made by Italian and small independent brewers. We’ve been there in person, so we could meet the master brewers for ourselves, hear their stories and find out how each beer is born – from initial experimentation to production – discover the meanings behind the names and learn as much as we can about beer tasting and the different flavours. This has allowed us to select the best accompaniments for every burger and dish on our menu. The Beer Cavern is our sacred shrine to artisanal beer. Why not discover them for yourselves, not just by tasting them but by admiring them all together, immersed in the big ice buckets in our restaurants.


Our menu is on iPad, at your table for as long as you want. You can use it to place your order, ask for the bill and, with free, unlimited web access, you can play, surf, write and take pictures to your heart’s content. Our menu also has a special Free Zone featuring games, news and entertainment for adults and little ones alike. And if you use your iPad for work, you can even use our printers completely free of charge! Obviously, there’s also a ham holy burger smartphone app with lots of useful functions, including a pre-order option that you can use to order your food before you arrive, whether you’re eating in or taking away. We’ve decided to embrace the technologies that you use every day to make your life easier – another reason why we’ve won a prestigious international award! But if you also want personal service with a smile, just switch everything off and speak to our staff!

Historic locations

All our restaurants are in places that have played an important role in the history of the city, neighbourhood, road and memory of the people who lived there. We choose them so we can recover their memory in total respect of their past, conserving and restoring the architectural details that have made them sacred over the ages, all with a little bit of our own original style thrown in. In fact, every new wall, light, table and accessory has been designed, created and arranged by our very own hands!

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